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Obituary for Francoise Paul

Françoise Paul was born on June 24, 1915 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She had five brothers and was raised by her maternal aunt Theramene Marcelin.
Self-employed. she also operated many small businesses (o support
her family and to pay for her children's school. She
moved to Canada in 1979 and then to the US in 1983 where she lived with her children.
Françoise loved cooking and dancing. She loved I laitian music and was a fan of Lumane Casimir, Emerante de Pradines, Guy Durosier, Joe Troullot, Ti Roro, Jazz des Junes and Troupe Lococia. She was also a fan of the old America's TV sitcoms the Jeffersons, with her favorite actor
George, and Good Times with J.J. Françoise was also a big fan of pro wrestling.
Françoise lived a prayerful lifc. She religiously prayed to the Virgin Mary Immaculate, St-Francis and St-Antony for protection over her family and for everyone she knew.
She also lived through the end of World War Il, the Great Depression. Duvalier's reign of terror, and experienced the first television IBM computers to today's smart phones, video calls and HDTV.
Françoise will be greatly missed by her entire family, extended family and friends, and by
everyone that she has touched during her centennial life. It was a blessing to have her with us for so many years.
She will be long remembered for her close bond with family, her resilience, strength, her affection and love without limitation, and for her legacy of character, faithful and spiritual life.
Françoise was preceded in death by her late daughters-in-law Antonia Victorin (Rody) and Marie Noisette
(Wilner). She was also predeceased by her late grandson Alex Cormier, her aunt and her siblings.
Françoise is survived by her children Jacques (Anite) Cormier, Wilner Noisette, Jean-Claude (Josette) Paul, Maude Noisette, Rody Noisette, Joseph (Jocelyne) Noisette, Gladys (André) Charles Boutin, her 19 grandchildren, her 18 great- grandchildren.
She is also survived by the following: The Cormier Family, Paul Family, Noisette Family, Boutin Family, Maurice Family, Semexant Family. René Family, Vital Family, Lafontant Family, Nicolas Family, Delerme Family, Antoine Family, Germain Family, Cesar Family, Larieux Family, Trevil Family, Gévry Family, Boucher Family, Maceda Family, Leonard Family, Séjour Family, and a host of other family members and many friends.